Find your ideal Christchurch property manager with the team at Priority Property Management

Chris Uren, Director of Priority Property Management

Priority is solely dedicated to property management within the Christchurch area. Without the distraction of selling properties, Priority Property Management can focus solely on ensuring that both property owners and tenants experience an outstanding service from our team.

Priority Property Management understands the level of trust property owners place upon our management team: not only must the property be maintained, your investment should also ensure maximum returns.

Through tax-deductible fees, a higher return on rent and investment safeguards in accordance with tenancy regulations, Priority Property Management offers an unbeatable service, guaranteed.

Priority excels in management experience, quick action and integrity in providing one of New Zealand’s leading property management services. Contact us today to find out how our friendly team can help you.

Experts in tenancy laws and regulations

Priority Property Management is a registered member of the Independent Property Managers Association. This industry body ensures adherence to strict codes of practice and ethics, offering you further peace of mind when you choose Priority to maintain your home.

When you search for a rental property through Priority Property Management, you will find a great selection of properties presented in the highest standards on the New Zealand market. There are no ‘grey areas’ with Priority Property Management: all maintenance and responsibilities are negotiated before leasing the property, ensuring that all parties are aware of what is expected.

Tenants can expect to have their responsibilities laid out in clear terms at the beginning of the tenancy in return for outstanding communication, fast maintenance and respect for privacy. See our tenant FAQs for answers to most of your concerns.

Services designed to benefit both property owners and tenants

Priority Property Management offers comprehensive services for both landlords and tenants. From regular property inspections to fast and effective action on property maintenance, Priority Property Management prevents small problems from escalating into expensive repairs. Open communication and regular contact with the tenants and property owner ensures that everything runs smoothly.

A committed team 24 hours a day, seven days a week

From the beginning of a tenancy right until the end of the lease, Priority Property Management will get you through any emergencies. From lost keys to burst pipes, call Priority Property Management any time and we will come to your rescue. Find out how we have helped in after-hour emergencies in our tenant testimonials.

When you want a property management team that is ready every day of the year, choose Priority. Our team will endeavour to get to your property no matter the time of day or what the weather brings.

To advertise through Priority Property Management or find a rental property, send in your enquiry now. Priority Property Management is ready to take your call.