Increase interest in your property with the right preparation

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Attract the right tenants from the start by presenting your Christchurch rental property in the most positive light. Many potential renters see the state of the home as a reflection of the attitude of the landlord, so first impressions are very important. Impress your property viewers by following just a few simple steps and you could reduce your maintenance costs and fill your property sooner.

How to prepare your property for lease and attract the right tenants


  • Mow all lawns, water them regularly, remove weeds and have all trees trimmed
    from spouting’s, pathways, windows etc
  • Make sure the bins are empty and clean
  • Remove any oil stains from the driveway
  • Clean any downpipes and gutters
  • Wash down the house and spouting to remove dirt, cobwebs and mildew, etc.


  • Ensure the power is connected
  • Check that all light bulbs are working
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned
  • Blinds and curtains need to be in good clean condition
  • Leave Glade plug ins around the house to give a pleasant smell
  • Attend any maintenance issues and ensure that the property is in a very clean and tidy standard.

Ready to lease your property?

We can help you identify the pros and cons that tenants will be looking for in your property when you make a rental appraisal request. To see the standard of properties managed by Priority, have a look at feedback from these satisfied property owners, and contact us today for more information.