FAQs Christchurch Property Manager1. Does Priority Property Management offer any guarantees to safeguard my property?

Yes, we have three guarantees:

  • Service Guarantee

If we don’t meet our obligations in our contract, we offer the next 3 months fees free of charge.

  • Rent Arrears Guarantee

If your tenant doesn’t pay their rent, we can cover up to $3000 in arrears, as per our contract.

  • Our Unique Priority Property Management 28 Day Rental Guarantee

Due to the rental market slowing down in 2016/17 and properties taking longer to rent, we introduced our 28 Day Rental Guarantee. If we don’t have a tenancy agreement signed within 28 days of advertising your property, we start paying your rent. No other property management company in Christchurch can offer so much protection at such a low cost.

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2. Can you offer me a free trial period of your services?

Yes we can. Just ask us and the first month fees are on us. Following a successful trial period, we will then offer you a comprehensive service guarantee making sure you are confident that we are offering you an outstanding service.

3. How much will it cost me to have my property rented?

We offer several different pricing options on our fees and in a lot of cases, your property is completely managed for the cost of your daily flat white at your local cafe.

4. How do I get paid?

Your tenants pay the rent into our audited trust account and that trust account is cleared on the 1st and 15th of each month to your allocated bank account. A detailed statement is emailed the same day.

5. What do you do to ensure I get the best tenants?

We personally meet every applicant who intends to rent your property. They complete a detailed application form and we will complete extensive database checks ranging from the courts, credit checks and 14 other agencies.

Our normal procedure is to offer the successful tenants a tenancy agreement at their current property as a final safeguard to ensure the property is presented as we deem an acceptable level.

6. How often are property inspections?

Routine property inspections are completed at 6 weeks into the tenancy and every 12 weeks thereafter. You will receive a comprehensive detailed report with digital photos.

7. Who deals with weekend and after hours issues?

All our tenants have our after hours emergency contact details and we ensure a duty manager is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

8. How long will it take to rent my property?

The Christchurch rental market typically has a strong demand, but since mid 2015 the market has experienced an over-supply of rentals. So long as the property is well presented, has good heating and is priced and marketed correctly, it usually takes around 3 to 4 weeks to secure good tenants. We offer you peace of mind with our 28 Day Rental Guarantee.

9. Why should I choose Priority Property Management?

We have extensive experience in the marketplace and we back ourselves with the most comprehensive range of guarantees to safe guard you and your property.

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“Chris Uren and his team have looked after our two properties since 2004 and we thoroughly recommend Priority Property Management for effective communication and peace of mind” – A. Jenkinson, Christchurch.