Excellent property management services for Christchurch tenants

Fast and efficient responses to your Christchurch property queries

Your queries won’t be stonewalled once you’ve signed a lease with Priority Property Management: Every new Priority tenant living in a Christchurch rental property receives a welcome pack with up to date information. A friendly team member is always available, day or night, to sort out any emergencies and you can contact a property manager either by telephone or through our online forms for any maintenance issues.

Office Hours

The Priority Property Management office is open from 8:30am to 5:00pm weekdays.

In case of an emergency, contact: 03 342 3942. The line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a team member will be on call for assistance.

Property Condition Report

Before the start of your tenancy, Priority Property Management will assess your Christchurch rental property and conduct a thorough property inspection to ensure that everything is up to our stringent standards. The report notes the condition of the property and will be backed up with digital photography noting the condition of the interior and any provided furniture. This report ensures that accurate comparisons can be made regarding the property condition before, during and after the tenancy so that any issues beyond general wear and tear can be accounted for fairly.

You will be issued a copy of the report to review and raise any matters or concerns. Once all parties are in agreement of its contents, each party must sign a copy: one to be retained by Priority Property Management and one for your own records.

Rental Bond

Your bond money is in safe hands with Priority Property Management. All bond payments made through Priority are placed into a Residential Tenancies trust account held by the Department of Building and Housing, as laid out in the Residential Tenancies Act 1986. For more information on rental bonds, see the tenants FAQs.


Priority Property Management makes regular property inspections to ensure that all repairs and maintenance are dealt with quickly and efficiently to prevent health and safety hazards. Before an inspection, tenants will be given 7 days’ notice in writing. Inspections usually take place once every three months, although this may be more frequent with older properties.

There will also be an inspection before tenants move in and at the termination of the tenancy agreement. This is to ensure that the next occupants receive the property in the same high standards for which Priority Property Management is known.

Repairs and Maintenance

Contact Priority Property Management as soon as you need repairs or maintenance so that any work can be completed quickly and efficiently by one of our trusted contractors.

You can send in your request via the Maintenance Request Form, email Priority Property Management or speak to a staff member directly by telephone.


For emergencies and lock-outs, Priority Property Management keeps one spare set of keys to your property securely deposited in the office safe.

The privacy and security of tenants is important to Priority Property Management and keys are never handed out to prospective tenants: all viewings are accompanied by a staff member.

If you wish to change the locks on your rental property, please notify a Priority Property Management staff member in advance to obtain permission. A spare set of the new keys will also need to be supplied to Priority staff to ensure that you can still gain access to the property should you lose your own set.


Although the building will be insured by Priority Property Management, the personal belongings of each tenant will likely fall outside this claim. Priority therefore strongly recommends that contents insurance is purchased by each tenant to run the duration of the tenancy, to guard against damage or loss.

Should the property become damaged either by a tenant or guest, the tenant or tenants may bear any excess cost in an insurance claim. Each claim is assessed on a case by case basis.


When signing a lease with Priority Property Management, there will be a clause stipulating the maximum number of occupants for the property. Capping the number of occupants prevents excess wear on the building and ensures that all amenities can be fairly shared between occupants.

Any tenant looking to sub-lease the property must first obtain permission from Priority Property Management. This is to ensure that all tenants are known to us, are suitably vetted and are fully aware of their responsibilities and the responsibilities of Priority Property Management. If you have any queries, please contact us. Failure to abide by the terms of your lease agreement may lead to further action.

Terminating the Tenancy Agreement

Priority Property Management provides fixed term leases as they offer the most rental stability for both renters and the property owners. Terms for terminating a fixed term tenancy are laid out in the lease agreement and unless there is a breach in contract, tenants retain occupancy of the property until the lease expires.

Priority Property Management will accept 21 days’ notice in writing if the tenancy is under a periodic arrangement.

Please refer to your lease contract for more information, or contact a staff member at Priority Property Management.