3 Crucial reasons why you should use a property manager

screenshot-2016-09-27-16-13-49Crucial Reason #1: Eliminate time and hassles usually taken by property management

Here are just some of the things we take off your hands when we manage your property:

Reduce stress and hassles

Some of our clients describe managing their own properties as a ‘part time job’. We take away the time involved and free you up for the lifestyle you want. After all, isn’t lifestyle the reason you invested in property?

Rental appraisals
Find the right balance between current market rates and maximum occupancy with Priority Property Management. As a property management company, Priority stays up to date with all the market trends and fluctuations to ensure that your property is not left unoccupied. Placing the property on the market at its correct rate also increases the chance that favourable tenants will renew their contracts.

Marketing the property
Give your home maximum exposure with the services of Priority Property Management. As an outstanding property management company in Christchurch, many of our tenants give word of mouth to their friends and family. Your property will be given maximum exposure with our free comprehensive marketing plan, coupled with good advice to prepare your property to appeal to the current market conditions and attract the best tenants.

Escorted property viewings
As a landlord, you may not be able to show potential tenants your property during working hours, evenings and weekends. In some cases, a last minute cancellation when you have travelled long distances to the property can be frustrating. We coordinate escorted viewings to suit prospective tenants.

Routine inspections
Many landlords find conducting routine inspections very time consuming and some fail to complete any inspections at all. Priority Property Management carries out 12 weekly inspections supplying you with a comprehensive written report and digital photos.

Maintenance issues
Maintaining a property, prioritising and coordinating repairs is time consuming. We can take care of all maintenance issues with access to our trusted contractors and years of knowledge and experience. Any issues or maintenance that may arise around the clock will be taken care of in a timely manner while coordinating with tenants and contractors.

Breaches of the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA)
Dealing with breaches of the RTA can be very time consuming and overwhelming. We can take care of everything from rent arrears issues to any other breaches that may arise.


screenshot-2016-09-27-16-13-30Crucial Reason #2: Maximise your returns

Zero tolerance for rental arrears
When you deal direct with your tenants, it can be tricky to maintain a professional distance. Becoming too friendly with tenants can lead to too much leeway being given when rent is overdue, or when property damage has occurred. We act as an impartial third party to ensure that your property is run as an efficient investment with fully laid out terms and rules for tenants to follow. Many tenants also prefer using a property company as it can be less intimidating reporting any maintenance issues.

Advice on maximising your rental property’s potential
We hold a wealth of knowledge on how to supercharge the value of your investment property with as little capital outlay from you as possible. This means you raise the ceiling on the return potential of your property, without the huge investment required.

Close monitoring of rental rates
We live and breath the property market and as part of our fanatical approach to our industry, we keep a very close eye on current rental values. What does this mean for you? You’ll lower your vacancy rate because you’ll always have appropriate market rates for your home.

Tenant renewals
Low tenant retention is commonly due to a lack of communication and slow response to maintenance requests. With our strategic systems and procedures, we increase the your rates of tenant renewals, reducing the number of weeks your property goes unrented.

screenshot-2016-09-27-16-13-41Crucial Reason #3: Reduce the risks associated with managing your own property


Tenant selection
Avoid potential disagreements from the start by allowing Priority Property Management to vet all potential tenants. Not only will this reduce the chance of late rent payments and damage to your property, but vetting potential house-mates will also reassure current tenants and increase the chances of long-term lease renewals.

Comprehensive tenancy agreements
We pride ourselves on the comprehensive tenancy agreements we use to eliminate the risks associated with the Residential Tenancies Act. This results in maximum protection of your investment property.

Legal assistance when you need it most
Do you struggle to fulfil maintenance requests? If you fail to maintain your rental property in a timely manner, you can be left open to legal proceedings through the tenancy tribunal. Employing a reputable Christchurch property management company will provide in-depth knowledge on the Residential Tenancy Act and the rights and responsibilities of you, the property owner.

Ensuring insurance compliance
Did you know that in order to remain compliant with some insurance policies, you must conduct 3-monthly inspections of your property? For you to arrange and attend these inspections is a huge drain on your time and takes away from your evenings and weekends. Delegate the task to us – not only are we diligent when it comes to inspections, we genuinely enjoy doing them!

Maintenance issues
Priority Property Management undertakes regular property inspections of your leased property. The inspections check for signs of building deterioration and general wear and tear, which could devalue the property if ignored.

Contract termination
Issues arise when a tenant wants to terminate a contract before the agreed tenancy period is complete. We ensure that the tenant has fulfilled all requirements of the contract, including paying all bills and maintenance costs before leaving. A new tenant will be sourced and vetted to fill the vacancy as soon as possible.

Your dedicated property manager can give you more free time, maximise your returns and minimise the risks of managing your own rental property. Meet Chris and the team to see why people choose Priority Property Management.