Outstanding property management services in Christchurch

Priority Property Management takes pride in offering tenants an unsurpassed property management service and a comprehensive range of well-presented residential rental properties throughout Christchurch. At Priority Property Management, we recognise the value of excellent tenants and all our renters can expect the same level of efficiency and professionalism that we offer to landlords.

Not all property managers look to provide the same stellar service as Priority Property Management and common issues tenants have experienced with other companies include frequently changing staff, unreliable communication, lack of responsiveness during emergencies and time wasted on viewing unsuitable properties. Choose the leading property management company in Christchurch and contact Priority Property Management today.

Clear communications, no surprise expectations

Rest and relax into your new home knowing that Priority Property Management offers you:

  • a welcome pack containing all the information for routine living and any emergencies at your rental property
  • no surprise expectations: You will receive full details in your welcome pack upon entering your rental property, detailing the responsibilities of all parties including rental payments, leasing and vacating a property
  • courtesy and respect for your privacy: Any necessary property inspections will come with plenty of advanced notice and any prospective new tenants will be escorted at all times
  • prompt response to all of your communications
  • maintenance performed promptly by experienced and qualified tradespeople in full communication with Priority Property Management, and an on-call Priority team member available for emergencies.

Browse Christchurch rental properties available from Priority Property Management and find your perfect home today.

Skilled and experienced property management

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, Priority Property Management is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service, from clear and frequent communication with both tenants and the property owner, to prompt repairs and maintenance.

Many tenants return to Priority Property Management to find their next Christchurch home because of the quality, hassle-free experience Priority offers from the initial house hunting through to the end of tenancy. See the testimonials from previous tenants to learn more about the stellar service they received, regardless of individual requirements.

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